Welcome to the new DyessDay.com website!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the new website!

As you can see, things around here look a bit different than they used to, but all of the old pictures, videos, and audio are still around.  You'll also still find pages for Dyess history, driving directions, and merchandise.  But with the new site, we have also brought in some new pages! 

Our guest book has been reformatted to work with the new site.  The bas news is that the old entries are gone now.  But the good news is that you're more than welcome to come back and sign it again.  Please stop by the guest book page and leave us some feedback.

If you're reading this, then you've noticed that we also have a news page now.  This will make it easier for us to get information out to Johnny Cash fans here and around the world.  Be sure to check back occasionally so you can keep track of what's going on with events and with the memorial.

Another helpful tool is our events calendar.  You should be able to see a monthly calendar on every page now.  There's also a larger calendar on the main calendar page where you can modify the view to your preference.

We're currently working to allow donations to be made online for the various projects around Dyess and the Johnny Cash Memorial itself.  Keep an eye out for this.  It should be coming soon!

And finally, we're now providing listings on the site for our corporate sponsors as well as links to their websites.  This is a great way to thank them for their financial support in making all of our building and renovation projects possible.  Be sure to visit their websites by clicking on the business names in the Sponsors block on the left-hand side of the page.  (The listings are in progress, so if you still see the sample names, please check back again later for the updates.)

We would greatly appreciate feedback on any problems you encounter on the site.  Your help in these early stages of the change-over will make the website experience better for everyone who visits - and remember that we get visitors from around the world!  If you run across anything that's broken or doesn't seem to work quite right, please visit the contact page and send a message.  Selecting the feedback / problems option will get the message straight to the web developers.  You can also contact the town of Dyess while you're there, or you can direct a message to those responsible for the Johnny Cash Memorial.

Thanks for your support!