Welcome to the Dyess Day Website!

Arkansas State University and the National Trust for Historic Preservation have partnered with the City of Dyess and local stakeholders to preserve and promote the rich and unique heritage of Dyess Colony.  Work is currently underway to restore the exterior of the 1934 Dyess Colony Administration Building, as well as stabilize the façade of the c. 1940 Dyess Theater.  Funds for this phase of the project have been secured from the Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resources Council, with additional fundraising for future phases in progress.  Plans for reuse include relocating municipal government offices and services into the Administration Building, developing a museum of Dyess history and heritage, and creating multi-use community space for residents of and visitors to Dyess.   The preservation and reuse of these key structures in Dyess Colony Center are a first step towards the community revitalization and economic redevelopment of Dyess, Mississippi County and the Arkansas Delta. 

Dyess colony administration building

We have purchased the Dyess Colony Administration Building!  All proceeds from concerts and fund raising will be used to complete the renovation of the building to make the Johnny Cash Memorial.   After that is finished, we are planning to restore the town circle as close as possible, to its original state.  This includes restoring the old movie theater, and renaming it the Johnny Cash Movie theatre, making it as original and old fashioned as possible, based on the original plans and the memories of our senior residents from the time of Johnny Cash's childhood.   Remember, your donations and festival attendance, make this entire effort possible!

Thank you for your continued support!  Anyone who would like to make a contribution towards the restoration can get information by calling the Dyess City Hall at (870) 764-2101.